A Korean-owned company, duly registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Inc. as KorGustoFil Corp. and branded popularly known as GUSTOFIL has operated in the Philippines since December 2017. Its name originates from the word “Kor” and two Spanish words “Gusto” and “Fil” which symbolizes Korean, passion and Filipinas respectively. Its concept symbolizes the passion of the Korean-owner, Mr. Justin Shon in tile design and trading adeptness which is akin to industry and persistence of most Filipinos. Such passion brings him to visualize GUSTOFIL a Filipino-owned corporation to expand globally. And, the Filipinos to be foremost in the marketing of GUSTOFIL tiles and other highly specialized architectural furnishing products which can enhance designs for homes, buildings and other structures. Ergo, GUSTOFIL may bring a ripple effect to improve history, culture, lifestyle as well as the economy not only of the Philippines but of those countries who patronize it.

GUSTOFIL was founded as a pioneer construction supplier of unique, classic, elegant and best quality tile designs of its own. Other products for kitchens, floors, walls or bathrooms from simple to elegant are of huge range as produced in partnership with top manufacturers in Korea, China and USA.

GUSTOFIL has a one-stop showroom at Ortigas Home Depot and a distribution center at Burgos Street Vista Verde Executive Village, Cainta Rizal. It also offers a variety of pro-tailored tile designs and other products which can be customized to any project specifications and personal choices. It commits to cater shipping of products to far places. It bids fair prices on retail or in bulk for all products.

Top selling primary products available in the market outlets in the Philippines and in other countries are:

Gusto tiles, Led Lights and Sanitary Goods. Other products available in the GustoFil

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